Fellow s2ker that autocrosses. Really enjoyed my first year of participation with the Misery Bay Region of the SCCA. We run most of our events inside an oval track. It is fantastic fun. We stay far away from the concrete walls for safety reason, but the top of second gear 3 lanes down from them has a pucker factor.… » 1/22/14 11:19am 1/22/14 11:19am

My favorite racing moment of 2013 is, well my first racing moment of my life. I ran my first autocross event in 2013 and have fallen in love with it. Sure I went to the 6hr Rolex event at The Glen. I was in the Indy parade lap at Mid Ohio (10mph is NOT racing!). And I witnessed some fantastic Vintage racing at The… » 12/30/13 1:15pm 12/30/13 1:15pm